"We want our members of xxxxx to be a reflection of ourselves at home, at work and in the community."

"Members of xxxx should understand the unique and diverse make up of Los Angeles County so that they can make fair decisions that represent the communities they serve." 

As a xxxxxxxx, I am here to be the voice of the community and uphold its core values so that justice , opportunities and legislation benefit the communities.   Alicia Molina - 2018



About me


Alicia Molina is a life long resident ofthe City of Montebello and currently practices law in Huntington Park.  Alicia Molina has dedicated her entire life to serving the community with an assortment of legal services to low income families throughout Los Angeles County. Her goal as a xxxx is to be the voice of the community.

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Alicia Molina graduated from Montebello High School in 1985 with a vision to be the first in her family to attend college.  In 1990, Alicia realized her dream and graduated from UCLA.  Alicia Molina's commitment and passion to help the community fueled her to graduate from Loyola Law School in 1995.

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Core values


 With a simple dream for a better life, Luis B. Molina, Alicia Molina's father, immigrated to the United States; a journey he has never forgotten.  Alicia Molina grew up in the City of Montebello, the daughter of Mexican immigrants. Her father Luis and mother Estela arrived in their new homeland and taught Alicia and her siblings the traditional values they brought with them of family, unity, hard work, sacrifice, honesty, integrity, respect and perseverance, which are the values she will bring as a United States xxxxxxx.

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