In 1995, fresh out of Loyola Law school, I poured my heart and soul into providing free legal aid services to low income families throughout Southern California.  Early on in my youth I lived the struggles of being poor, yet it was my father and mother's work ethic, moral values that taught us to always help the needy, the disenfranchised and the LGBT community, women and the under represented. I made a life time pledge to serve our community regardless of whom they were, what language they spoke, the color of their skin, or sexual orientation to help in whatever capacity I could. My dad and mother would tell us to serve with heart in our hand and do so with love. My pledge to serve has never stopped and continues today as I seek to earn the support of the community to become a member .

I humbly ask you to reach deep into your heart and donate whatever you are able to afford to support me to continue to the next step in my civic journey of public service. 

Thank you,

Alicia Molina




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